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Concrete Sealing Photos

Concrete Sealing poses several challenges to a concrete contractor. (Avoid concrete sealing issues) During and after initial concrete installation, there is several types of sealers that can be used, which can pose serious issues for the customer. Additionally, it become even more complex depending on the type of concrete application that takes place.


Exposed Aggregate, Stamped Concrete and Conventional Concrete can all require different type of sealer application depending on the scenario.


 - Concrete Pool Deck vs. Stamped Concrete can and most likely should be two diferent types of sealer.

- Is it fresh concrete ( not cured - less than 30 days old) Or over 30 days, if so, it requires a different type sealer, even yet....

- Is it a reseal? It requires a different sealer.

- has it been sealer before? if yes, then there is a possible compatibility issue?


Take a look at our image gallery to learn more about our company and what we have to offer you.

Concrete Sealer Issues

Below are photos of stamped concrete sealer application and compatibility issues. Resealing stamped concrete is problematic due to lack of knowledge on the previous sealer used, too much sealer was previously used, and last but not least, a cheap acrylic sealer was used. Price does not determine the quality of a sealer. Consult a professional who does hundreds per per year and dont take a chance on your stamped concrete looking this way.

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