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Cleaning concrete is an interesting process with usually with an unknown outcome. Many times the stains we think will come out, don't come out.  And the stains we think won't come out, sometimes do come out. Thats why its imperative to have your concrete sealed by a sealing contractor who is experienced. Whether its a stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or reguar concrete or paver project, the process is similar for cleaning, but the sealing application process and seaer product is different.


That's the truth! One mistake, OOPS! and you live with it for years to come. Check out our customer testimonial - reviews.


False sealer claims - Almost everyone claims that there sealer is the best. Ask them to sell you, not tell you...Have them explain it. Most of the time, they cant explain it, because the don't know and just repeat what the clerk or vendor told then over the counter or on the phone. You can go dizzy trying to find a sealer, the right sealer, a quality sealer, at that. Good luck!

Warning! About 70 percent of the calls and projects we see are seriously damaged. Learn from other peoples mistakes.

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